本文摘要:In their quest to build profitable and more far-reaching digital audiences, publishers in the US and Europe have turned to the world’s largest social network for help.为了发展有利可图和更加甚广的数字受众,美国和欧洲的出版商向全球仅次于的社交网络谋求协助。


In their quest to build profitable and more far-reaching digital audiences, publishers in the US and Europe have turned to the world’s largest social network for help.为了发展有利可图和更加甚广的数字受众,美国和欧洲的出版商向全球仅次于的社交网络谋求协助。Nine media organisations, including the BBC through its youth-oriented Newsbeat service, the Guardian and the New York Times, have struck a deal with Facebook to publish some of their content directly through the social network rather than simply hosting it on their own sites as part of a trial.还包括英国广播公司(BBC)、《卫报》(Guardian)和《纽约时报》(New York Times)在内的9家媒体机构与Facebook签订了一项协议,尝试通过后者必要公布它们的部分内容,而非只是公布在自己的网站上。


BBC是通过其面向年轻人的Newsbeat服务参予该项目的。Facebook says the publishers will be able to keep 100 per cent of any revenue from advertising they sold directly. Publishers will also be able to sell remaining ad space via Facebook, which would take a 30 per cent cut.Facebook回应,出版商将需要保有他们必要销售的所有广告收益。出版商也可以通过Facebook出售剩下的广告空间,后者将不会提取30%的收益。

The nine publishers initially participating in Instant Articles are the New York Times, National Geographic, BuzzFeed, NBC News, The Atlantic, The Guardian, BBC News, Spiegel and Bild, the German tabloid newspaper.首批参予Instant Articles项目的9家出版商是《纽约时报》、《国家地理》(National Geographic)、BuzzFeed、NBC新闻(NBC News)、《大西洋月刊》(The Atlantic)、《卫报》、BBC新闻(BBC News)、《明镜周刊》(Der Spiegel)以及德国小报《图片报》(Bild)。The move comes as increasing numbers of readers rely on the social network as the main portal through which they receive news. Facebook wants not only to point users to news sites but to be the place where they stay and consume it, too.在Facebook与这些出版商合作之际,更加多的读者将社交网络作为他们提供新闻的主要渠道。Facebook期望某种程度是将用户导向新闻网站,而且还能让用户回到Facebook展开新闻消费。

Facebook already accounts for nearly 20 per cent of the Guardian’s web traffic, excluding visits to its own apps, and about 15 per cent of traffic to the New York Times site.Facebook早已为《卫报》网站贡献了近20%的流量(不还包括其自身应用于的访问量),为《纽约时报》网站贡献了大约15%的流量。The BBC and Bild declined to reveal their figures.BBC和《图片报》拒绝接受透露它们的数据。Mark Thompson, the chief executive of the New York Times, says it made sense to tap into Facebook’s audience. “History suggests that judicious engagement with other platforms makes sense,” he told the Financial Times, adding that the newspaper will have complete control over which stories appear as “Instant Articles” in the Facebook feed.《纽约时报》首席执行官马克汤普森(Mark Thompson)回应,研发Facebook的受众十分有意义。他向英国《金融时报》回应:“历史指出,明智地与其他平台合作很有意义。

”他补足称之为,《纽约时报》将对经常出现在Facebook信息流上的“Instant Articles”文章有几乎的控制权。The deal would give the company “access to new pools of users, people discovering your journalism and monetising through advertising”, he says.汤普森说道,该协议将让《纽约时报》“取得大量的新用户,他们通过广告找到新闻和商业机会”。The Facebook deal follows complaints by some publishers that internet groups such as Google and Facebook undermine their own online businesses.在Facebook与出版商合作之前,一些出版商责怪称之为,谷歌(Google)和Facebook等互联网集团风化了他们自己的在线业务。Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, for example, a critic of Google and Facebook, is not participating.例如,鲁珀特默多克(Rupert Murdoch)的新闻集团(News Corp)就对谷歌和Facebook所持抨击态度,没参予此次协议。

Others have expressed concern that Facebook would have too much power over which stories appear and where they are placed.其他出版商则担忧,Facebook将对新闻内容和版面享有过于多的权力。Facebook said the scheme would give publishers “control over their stories, brand experience and monetisation opportunities”, including access to some user data.Facebook回应,该项目将给与出版商“对内容、品牌体验和商业机会的控制权”,还包括可以取得部分用户数据。Online sharing of news articles has already lured some readers away from publishers’ home pages towards social media sites.在线新闻共享早已让部分读者离开了出版商的网站,改向社交媒体网站。



According to the Pew Research Center, 39 per cent of Americans use Facebook for political news — significantly more than the proportion who use Yahoo News, Google News or Twitter to do so.皮尤研究中心(Pew Research Center)的数据表明,39%的美国人用于Facebook来提供政治新闻,相比之下多达用于雅虎新闻(Yahoo News)、谷歌新闻(Google News)或者Twitter提供政治新闻的人数比例。